What Are the Characteristics of Ulpan Meir?

Personal attention is given to every student. As teachers and students at Machon Meir, under the auspices of our master and teacher Rabbi Dov Begon (who was intimately connected to Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda Kook, zt”l), our first rule is unconditional love of every student, every Jew, whoever he may be, without regard to his past or to where he stands at present in his religious growth. Our loving approach assists our Hebrew students to progress in their faith. Keeping to this approach is one of our main goals, and our success finds expression in the special relationship that exists between students and teachers. It is our belief that a loving bond between student and teacher, especially in such a sensitive matter as teaching the Hebrew language to tourists, let alone to new immigrants being absorbed into Israel, will allow for a “softer landing” in Israel “sabra” society – which is prickly on the outside but very sweet on the inside.