Israeli Hebrew Study Partners

The main difficulty of Hebrew students in the ulpan is in applying the studied material, especially in the realm of speech. It is common for students to be afraid to speak in Ivrit lest they make mistakes. Israeli society itself often encourages foreign language speakers to continue speaking their language, especially English speakers.

The average Israeli wants to help the tourist or the new immigrant and simultaneously gain some practice with a foreign tongue. The result is that the student of Hebrew practices his Hebrew very little, which directly diminishes the learning pace. At Ulpan Meir the students study Hebrew regularly with Israeli study partners, the entire purpose of which is to foster their loving one another. Out of these matches genuine friendships are formed. The ulpan students tell their Israeli chavrutot about their day-to-day difficulties, ask general questions about such things as Israeli society and government, and by such means they take another step forward towards entering Israeli society.